Peter Tosh



Peter Tosh was an original member of The Wailers, otherwise known as the band who played with Bob Marley.  He was the only member of the band to write song with Bob himself, as is considered to be a close second when it comes to being one of the most inspirational reggae artists of all time.  Once Bob Marley passed, Peter went on to continue to spread the word they had once spread together.  In his songs Wanted Dead or Alive, and Equal Rights, ideals such as equality, love, courage, freedom, strength, resistance, union, faith, and loyalty can be found.  He will forever go down as one of the most famous and successful reggae artists of all time.



Wanted Dead or Alive:

  • Album: Wanted Dead or Alive
  • Year: 1981
  • Label: Rolling Stones, EMI America, Capitol Records
  • Catalog #: 1A 062-64378

Equal Rights:

  • Album: Equal Rights
  • Year: 1977
  • Label: CBS
  • Catalog #: PC 34670





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