Damian Marley



Damian Marley, the son of legend Bob Marley, has created some incredibly powerful songs in his life as an artist.  Though he has strayed from the traditional sound his father once created, his songs hold true when it comes to preaching traditional reggae values and ideals.  In his most recent album “Distant Relatives,” very powerful lyrics can be heard that spread the exact same messages his father was famous for.  In the song Africa Must Wake Up, Damian speaks to the Africans as they deal with horrible genocide, poverty, war, and sickness.  He does not hold back and addresses the exact people in the song whom the song is written for.  Though his music will not quite live up to his fathers, Damian Marley still carries on the Marley tradition of spreading love, equality, courage, respect, freedom, strength, loyalty, faith, union, and resistance.  



Land of Promise/ Africa Must Wake Up:

  • Album: Distant Relatives
  • Year: 2010
  • Label: Universal Republic/ Def Jam
  • Catalog #: JGONGLP002